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Curso De Tie Dye Crash ( Learn How To Tie Dye )


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Curso De Tie Dye Crash ( Learn How To Tie Dye ) Phatdyes
Dvd em Inglês ( Sem Legenda )
Fácil entendimento, pois basta prestar atenção na amarração das peças.

In the first part of Tie Dye Crash , I compress over 16 years of making Tie Dyes into 20 minutes. In that time I walk you through the processes needed to make great Tie Dyes. I show you all the tools and chemicals you’ll need. I teach you about preparing the cotton, making the dye, folding and tying the cotton, choosing colors, and washing the finished products.

In the second part of I show you how to Tie Dye 8 patterns. I show you how to make 3 different swirl patterns. Then I go on to show you how to make a stripe, wavy line, crinkle pattern, heart, peace sign tie dye, clover, and a shirt with different patterns on the front and back.

In each of the patterns I show you the steps I take to create the design and color it.
This tie dye has a real "Bang" for it's buck. Learn the concepts and how to apply those concepts to 10 shirts.
I have included many different throughout the of shirts and sheets with the patterns to give you some more ideas.
You will also see me open each of the Tie Dyes. I will show you the shirts before and after they are washed.
If you’re new to making Tie Dyes, you might not know this, but opening the Tie Dye is the best part!
is will take students from the beginner level to the professional level of Tie Dyeing.

  • Chemicals – You will learn about Soda Ash, Procion MX, and Urea. Other chemicals discussed are Synthrapol, Ludigol, Sodium Alginate, & Milsoft
  • Tools – You will find out which tools you will need.
  • Cotton Preparation – You will learn how to prepare the Soda Ash and prepare the cotton.
  • Folding Shirts – You will learn about symmetrical and fan folding.
  • Tying Shirts– You will learn why and how to secure the folds.
  • Dye Preparation – You will learn 3 different methods for preparing the Procion MX.
  • Appling the Dye – You will see 6 different coloring techniques.
  • Finishing the Process - You will learn how to clean the finished Tie Dyes once they are done.

    Learn how to make Tie Dye swirl patterns. There are 3 patterns I show here. The first is the standard swirl pattern with the rainbow colors. The second is another swirl with black lines spiraling outward. The third pattern is a spider swirl. This pattern also uses the rainbow pattern. At the end of the video I show you some more examples of different types of swirls. The chapter ends by showing you numerous examples of modified swirl patterns.

    In this video you will learn how to create crinkle folds for a Tie Dye. I show you tie dye techniques for creating the folds, holding them together, and then I describe how to layer colors.  The section ends by showing you examples of using crinkle folds as filler.

    I show you how to create a symmetrical diagonal stripe on a shirt. Then I show you how to created the fanfolds and secure them with the string. Then I show you how to color the folded cotton into a brightly colored Tie Dye. This section ends with more examples of straight line Tie Dye patterns.

    Wavy Lines
    I show you how to create a wavy line Tie Dye pattern. I walk you through creating the pattern, gathering the folds and securing them. Then I demonstrate how to apply the dye using unique layering patterns. This section also has examples at the end of different wavy line designs.

    In this chapter I show you how to create and color a heart tie dye pattern. At the end of this chapter I show you different heart pattern Tie Dyes that I have made to help give you ideas.
    You will see another heart pattern being made in the last chapter.

    Peace Signs
    In this chapter you will learn how to design a peace sign Tie Dye. You will see how to fold the symmetrical folds, create the fan folds, secure the folds, and color the peace sign. You will see another peace sign being made in the last chapter called Multi-Pattern.  There are Tie Dyed peace sign pictures at the end of the chapter that demonstrate different color designs.

    In this second to last chapter you will learn how to create a clover design on the front of the shirt. Then create a stripe or v pattern on the back of the shirt.

    In this last chapter of the instructional video you will get the tie dye instructions for how to tie dye a peace sign on the front of a shirt and a heart on the back. I also show you how to use crinkles as filler to finish the pattern.
    These tie dye techniques teach you the details of manipulating the cotton so there is twice as much room to create Tie Dye patterns.

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